Sweat creates and captures an emotion beyond an ordinary experience. Showing the beauty of how our bodies respond to our current environment, Yet also captures a single moment from different points in individuals lives.

We all sweat everyday but never stop to think about the importance of this bodily response or what it could be.

Sweat covers us in similar ways to clothing like a second skin. Over the last 3 years, In collaboration with the Bioengineering team at Imperial College London, I have developed a process to extract our natural sodium, lactic acids and oestrogen etc to create these fully unique crystals.


Each sample can be grown back in to the material used, meaning that they can be fully incorporated with each garment and fibre. There by avoiding the use of any toxic man made adhesives.

In industry, the major use of sweat crystals to date has been in the fields of art, campaigns, jewelery, embellishment and conductivity to produce fibre optic technology


I have spent the last year developing a process to use sweat as a sustainable energy source. Here I have created a fibre optic light that transmits energy / light through the sweat crystals of 200 Athenian people. I chose to use this firstly as a way to showcase the power of a community.