During the COVID19 crisis i began developing my bioplastic into 

biodigrable sequins. It gave me the change of working within 2km radius location to adapt and build my colours, base and technique.

All the colours are created from natural sources such as flowers, earth, planets and vegetables showing the variation from season to season but also giving a chance to be able to physically pick your colour palette. 

These Bio sequins not only focus on sustainable fashion and textiles but revolutionising the supply chain of locally made fabrics.



Bioplastic has no ends of uses for what it could used for, from eyewear to fashion accessories.

Working in collaboration with companies i aim to completely tailor each specific material to the demands of the final product.

Sustainability can be achieved with the willingness to explore the endless possibilities. 



Bioplastic is a material that looks and feels like a plastic but is made wholly from biological material such as algae, seaweed and other natural resources.
The Bioplastic I make is made of food that has been thrown away and / or discarded. 

I worked and experimented over the last 5 years i have been able to adapt the material from a solid to a silicon quality with endless possibilities from weaving, joining, interlocking, dry molding etc.

Samples of different types of colours and material bases from nature to show variations of colours and wood to incorporate into the biofabrics. 

The Bio-fabrics samples displayed are sequins developed from local flowers to create a sustainable embellishment alternative. Each one hand cut, hand made and home grown to show the future of Biocouture.​​